Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Someone Will Die

Are you noticing a trend?  Someone will die for Islam.  They may not even be Islamic.  They will simply die for the color of their skin, or the type of clothing they wear, or how they style their hair.  The killer will most certainly be a Christian.  Will all Muslims immediately label all Christians as extremists?  Will the the Repuglicants denounce the killing?  Will they pull back on the rhetoric and start calling for tolerance?  Probably not.  The Christian will be seen as a hero, perhaps even a martyr.  How is this different from a terrorist?  "Well, at least the Christian didn't kill 3000 people," is what they will say.  No, at least not directly.  But, as this story continues to fuel recruitment, more will surely die.

In my opinion, we have already tainted the memories of those victims simply by becoming what the Islamic extremists thought we were to begin with.  An intolerant society that has it out for Muslims.  This time, they would be right.

Did you know there is a Mosque in the Pentagon right near where the plane went down?  No?  Maybe because the politicians aren't using it for political gain.

I'm an atheist.  Why do I care?  Because we have a Constitution and we have laws.  I don't really want to see any religious building built anywhere.  But if they have done everything in accordance with the laws of our country, then they have every right to build.  Period.


  1. I figured you would comment on the poor cab driver with exactly my thoughts. Where's the outcry at the mistaken identity?

  2. "The killer will most certainly be a Christian?" Not just "likely" or "almost certainly" but MOST CERTAINLY? How is that not the same kind of hateful religious profiling you are so invectively condemning? Many Christians condemn the same things you do Karl. Just because we might not do it with the zeal and appearance of outrage that would satisfy you doesn't mean that we don't feel the same sense of wrongness over events like this that you do-it was terrible. Even if Christians do proclaim outrage over other Christians committing hateful acts the media simply chooses to publicize the hateful acts so you would never know we were outraged anyway. Seriously, I've got to know-what is there about Christianity that makes you so want to paint us all with the same evil brush when it seems to make perfect sense to you that the majority of the Muslim population is not extremist and should not be painted with that brush. It flies in the face of your normally rational way of thinking.

    By the way, the link you provide about the cab driver suggests that the motivation for the attack was related to wanting to obtain publicity for a movie project--the attacker was an honors student at the "School of Visual Arts" Hardly the profile of a vengeful, hate-filled evil Christian.


  3. BTW, a prominent LDS Repuglicant senator was on the news tonight expressing his support for the building of the mosque and dismay at the protest, and yes even support for the Constitutional rights of all Americans to freely worship, no matter who they are, no matter what the circumstances--my guess is that it's a ruse.

  4. I don't think the Jihadi recruiters care one bit about any motivation. It was an attack on a Muslim in New York, by an American. 'Nuff said. Also, if you poll all those anti-Mosque protesters for their religious beliefs, I would bet that the percentage that identify themselves as Christians is in the high 90s. This leads me to believe that should an incident occur that leads to someone dying, the individual(s) responsible will most likely/certainly be a Christian.

    Almost all of the hate filled rhetoric over this Cultural Center, or gay marriage, is coming from those representing Christianity (even if you don't think they are real Christians). It is, shall we say, a target rich environment. If a majority of Christians do condemn these hate filled rants by these "representatives" of Christ, then they are not being very vocal about it. I would venture to say that opinions are closer to 50/50 as to whether mainstream Christians condemn these acts. So, when you say "many," you really mean what? Less than half, about half, just over half? Even those that would condemn these protests, etc., I certainly don't expect to see them counter-protesting in support, but rather sitting back and praying it all goes away so they can get back to their normal lives.