Monday, August 2, 2010

Has Hell Frozen Over?

Well, no.  And it never will.  Anyway, Jerusalem was host to the 8th Annual Gay Pride Parade.  Yes, you read that right.  Jerusalem.  The Catholic Church issued a statement that the parade seeks to "defy family and marriage."  The statement, on HuffPo, goes on to say "This city has suffered enough wounds and humiliation."  The article further says,
[Latin Patriarch Fouad] Twal said his views were shared by many Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Druze leaders "based upon our responsibility for guarding the holiness and sanctity of this city.
So, despite two thousand years of suffering for this Holy City.  All the hatred expressed by Jews and Muslims toward each other.  The Catholic Church's anti-Semitic history, it takes a Gay Pride March to elicit such a reaction from the Catholic Church.  The one thing these three religions can agree on.  Disgusting.

P.S.  Note to Jay, this doesn't count as consensus in my book.  :-)

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