Thursday, November 24, 2011

To be Thankful to...

Another Thanksgiving is upon us.  Thanksgiving is a holiday that I never really gave much thought to.  For me, spending time with my family wasn't that big of a deal because, well, we were always home and together anyway.  It always seems like a lot of work for 10 minutes around the table.  Anyway, as my life as changed, through marriage, separation, and divorce, the meaning of Thanksgiving has changed a bit for me.  So, here is who I am thankful to.

To Kathy, for being a good friend over these last 4+ years, and for introducing me to a whole host of new friends through the Parrothead Club.  I now have people that I know and care about (and care about me) all over the United States, from Southern California, to Salt Lake City, Iowa, Rocky Point, and numerous places in between.  Yes, I lived a pretty solitary life, even when married, and I am very thankful to her to have given me this opportunity to meet so many others.

To Rick and Julie, for also being good friends over these same 4+ years.  For letting me share a bit of your family with you, whether it be a house boat trip, trips to Rocky Point, Key West, or even being able share with you the marriage of your son and daughter-in-law.

To Annette and Eric, for sharing your home in Rocky Point and allowing me so many opportunities to come and visit and enjoy some raucous times with good friends.

To so many other of my AZPHC friends.  You guys have become like family to me.  Welcoming me into your homes and allowing me to share in all the joys, triumphs, and a few tragedies.

To Jen, who I have known since grade school, and now have an opportunity to know so much more.  I am very much looking forward to tomorrows.

To my kids, Isaak and Emma, while I have missed the opportunity to watch them grow up on a day to day basis, I am very proud of who they have become and enjoy seeing the growth and maturity in them every time I do get to see them.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!