Thursday, July 22, 2010

Westboro Baptist Church = Explosive Elephant Diarrhea

The Westboro Baptist Church is quite possibly one of the most vile examples of hatred I have ever seen.  At the risk of invoking Godwin's Law, I think that Fred Phelps would be far worse than Hitler if given the opportunity.  You've heard of these folks, even if  you don't remember.  These are the asshats who picket military funerals, blaming dead soldiers for protecting gays (They refer to them as fags).  All of their picket signs use the word "hate."  Just to show how crazy they are, they even picketed the funeral of Jerry Falwell!  To take it one step further, the KKK actual put out a press release that they have no affiliation with Westboro, nor will they ever!  You've got to be seriously fucked up to get dissed by the KKK.

There is no manner of logic or reason that could ever deal with people such as this.  The only appropriate response is pure, unadulterated ridicule.  I'm trying to think of some appropriate analogy for these people.  I am somewhat inspired by this blog talking about shit bubbles, but I think that is far to nice for them.  I think a slightly edited quote from Ben Kenobi is appropriate, "Westboro Baptist Church: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."  Nah.  Not nearly good enough.

I'm thinking something along the lines of seeing them standing behind a herd of elephants with explosive diarrhea.  But I think that is even far to nice for the likes of these folks.  I think it is insulting to the elephants.

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