Friday, July 30, 2010

Poll Pharyngulation Part Two

Oh!  This is beautiful.  Eric Hovind is one of the top-shelf classic creationist nut jobs.  He decided to post a poll titled, "What do you believe about evolution?"  The choices are simple:
  1. It's a fact.
  2. It's a religion.
  3. It's a reasonable scientific theory.
So, PZ unleashes his fans to go and destroy the poll.  Well, obviously, the number for "It's a fact" soon skyrocket.  Then, the poll suddenly is unavailable and gets reposted, except the question has changed from "evolution" to "creation!"  So now, all the "It's a fact" votes now support creation. How is that for good Christian/Creationist dishonesty for you?

When the truth is your enemy and God is your ally, well, you'll get some pretty strange results.

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