Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bible Study

I didn't read the Bible when I was a kid.  I sat quietly through the various scripture readings in church and listened to the stories in Sunday School, etc.  I did do some studying of the Bible when I was in my early teens because I had achieved the rank of Life in Boy Scouts (before I really knew what they meant by morally straight in the oath) and had no real interest in becoming an Eagle.  Instead, I did one of the "side" awards called God and Country.  I don't remember that much about it except that I spent quite a few afternoon working with our youth minister discussing various parables, etc.  The youth minister was actually a really cool guy.  The stuff I had to study was pretty much run of the mill morality tales.  After I had achieved that award and left the Boy Scouts, I pretty much moved on from anything religious.

The irony is that now that I am an outspoken atheist, I find myself reading the Bible.  I think it is important that when you engage a Christian in debate that you have some understanding of their arguments.  This could almost be a Part 3 of "Am I an Angry Athiest?" because  the more I look into various Bible verses and stories, it only strengthens my resolve that there is really nothing of value that religion can offer in today's society and I am in utter shock at the denial that many Christians have of the what is in their "Good" book.  I'm sure I will have more on that later.

I will probably delve a bit more into some Biblical verses in future blogs that seem relevant based on current events.


  1. I recently came across this useful link:

    Quite useful in this context.

  2. Very nice. Thanks. I was using the Atheist Bible Companion, but it only handles the New Testament.