Monday, July 26, 2010

Backwards in the Bayou

It looks like a school district in Louisiana is poised to teach Creationism in the classroom the year after next and perhaps even looking to eliminate the teaching of evolution.  This is so idiotic.  First, from an economic standpoint, school district budgets are tight as it is, yet these school boards seem perfectly willing to accept the threat of lawsuits and eventual overturning of these policies.  Second, if there is one silver lining, they are blatantly calling it Creationism and not the Intelligent Design bullshit.  That failed miserably in Dover.  This will fail just as miserably at the expense at what is certainly a cash strapped school district.  Third, these students will be severely hampered should they choose to pursue any college level sciences.  Biology departments across the country will have to introduce remedial evolution classes for these students to take in order to rid their minds of the brainwashing.  Fourth, it is a clear violation of the Establishment Clause in the Constitution (Another post on the First Amendment.  I'd better write that post soon.).  Yet another case of the religious right claiming to support the Constitution as long as the Constitution supports their own beliefs.

Evolution is as real as gravity.  The facts in support of Evolution are overwhelming and to deny it is lacking understanding of the evidence.  Is there even one testable hypothesis with Creationism?  Quoting the Bible as the unerring word of God doesn't count because he can't even get his own Creation story straight and had to include two of them in Genesis that contradict one another.

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