Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell Must Go

Another highly decorated member of the military has been thrown out of the service for being gay.  When is this nonsense going to stop.  As the talk of ending DADT heats up, there is talk of more and more active soldiers considering opting out through the Conscientious Objector clause if DADT is repealed.  These soldiers are bigots.  The gay men and women who have volunteered to serve this country, did so knowing that they are not welcome and that they could be outed at any time, and yet, they have served their country just as dutifully as any straight soldier has.  Anyone of these gay soldiers could have outed themselves and gotten out on their own at anytime.  All it took was a public acknowledgment of their orientation.  And yet, the straight soldiers are seeking to opt out because they are homophobic bigots.  The religious right assholes are all out in force using their typical inflammatory, highly bigoted language that only serve to make them look like the assholes they truly are.  I could link to several such stories, but I'm feeling lazy.

The gay members of our military are fighting for our freedoms and perhaps for freedoms that they themselves are not able to enjoy.  They have my full support.

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