Monday, July 26, 2010

Faith Healers = Criminal Child Abuse

It's this kind of bullshit that made me an atheist.  First, why has fictional God punished this child with whatever this affliction is?  Second, why doesn't fictional God speak to these idiots through some flaming bush or something to take their child to the hospital?  Third, why can't their church possibly recognize the fact that if God did indeed exist, that maybe medical professionals are indeed the answer to their utterly useless prayers?  Anointing with oil, laying of hands, and fasting.  Give me a break!  These parents have committed child abuse.  Pure and simple.


  1. It's a little creepy that the dude is 44 and his wife is 23. And that his first wife died of cancer because she didn't seek treatment.

  2. It's all about total control of the mindless followers. The more severe and outrageous the doctrines they espouse, the more rigorous the control must be to keep the followers in line. When it becomes so outrageous and dictatorial that its crumbles upon itself, then you have Jonestown.

    Crime Dog