Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Haggard's Law

"Any vocally homophobic religious leader is likely to not only be homosexual themselves, but also pedophiles."
 OK, so maybe Haggard wasn't a pedophile, but that's beside the point.  Shockingly (Not!), there is another story of a homophobic religious leader out of Atlanta that has been accused of coercing young boys into having sex with him.  Pastor Long, whose church is numbered anywhere between 25 and 33 thousand members, has been accused of taking young boys out of state and coercing them to having sex with him.  Granted, this is an accusation.  Lawsuits have been filed.  Pastor Long is denying these charges.

What is sad and tragic about this whole thing is that this is no longer shocking to the American public.  I mean, this is only one baptist in a long line of Catholic Priests.  Haggard is certainly another recent example of a powerful religious leader who got caught with pants pulled down.  In all of these cases, the acts were homosexual in nature.  Something these "Men of God" certainly abhorred and spoke out against vehemently.  This certainly extends beyond members of the clergy.  There have been a number of recent high profile Republican politicians who have been caught in homosexual relationships after campaigning their whole lives on "family values," which is just another name for hatred against gays.

Now that this story has broken, if true, I'm sure there will be others who will come forward.  Unfortunately, we tend to focus on these religious asshats who have violated these children and we don't think about the mental health aspects of what these children, and now, adults, have lived with.

I think that, as punishment, we should order these jerks to the same reparative therapy clinics they believe that all homosexuals should be sent to so they can be "cured" of their problem.

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