Monday, September 6, 2010

Creation Studies and Physics Labs

I came across the following comment on the Liberty University RationalWiki page.
The university, itself, has a Center for Creation Studies, which, similar to the Discovery Institute, seeks to create evidence supporting creationism out of thin air.
This reminds of the time some friends and I pulled an all-nighter to catch up and finish our physics lab books.  The only problem was, none of us had data on one particular lab.  Since it was 2:30 a.m. and the lab books were due that day, we added an "Invention of Data" section to the lab in question.  Created the necessary number of data points with a little variation so as not to appear "to invented" and finished the lab.  If I recall, we got an "A" on that lab under the assumption that we must have understood the concept well enough, and the statistics involved, to have invented the data in the first place.  It should be noted that we clearly outed ourselves with the section header, so in that respect, we were honest about making shit up.

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