Saturday, September 11, 2010

God Has Spoken - Koran Burning Called Off

Well, God sort of, maybe, implied, that...  According to an interview on the Today Show this morning, Rev. Jones said that he will not go forward with a plan to burn Korans.
"Even though we have not burned one Quran, we have gotten over 100 death threats," Jones said. "We feel that God is telling us to stop, and we also hope that ... maybe that will open up the door to maybe be able to talk to the imam."
That sure is one passive aggressive God you have there.  I would certainly not put it past God to issue death threats.  It's not like he hasn't done that before.  I thought you said Islam was evil.  The religion of the devil.  You believed that you had every right, in God's name, to burn these Korans.  Now, when you've got a little pressure put on you, you think God has changed his mind?  That can never happen.  When has God ever changed his mind?

You chickened out you little shit.  You've got your 15 minutes of infamy, now go back and crawl into your little worship hut of hatred and bigotry.  May your next 15 minutes of fame be when you are selected for next season's Dancing with the Stars.

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