Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Who Has the Guts?

The Republican Presidential hopefuls are giving the Democrats a gift wrapped in a pretty bow.  They are a bunch of idiotic, anti-education, economy sabotaging, homophobic, hostage taking godbots.  They are all the same, vying for the same extreme right-wing vote to get the nomination.  There is not a single sane, credible idea in the lot.

Along with the Presidential election, the whole House of Representatives is up for re-election.  See above description.

And, in the Senate, many long term Republicans have watched in fear and loathing as their party has taken a sharp turn to the right, yet they have said nothing about the guanophrenic approach taken by the House leadership.  They seem to be along for the ride.

You would think a reasonable, intelligent Democrat could squash these Republicans like a little bug.  Unfortunately, there don't seem to be many of them willing to have the guts to stand up and call these idiotic legislators out for their insane behavior. 

The only elected official that has really come out and called the Republican tactics has been Bernie Sanders, an Independent.

I sure hope the Democrats find their voice soon, because they have let the Republicans define the playing field.  I can only hope Obama is saving it up for the campaign once the Republican nominee has been determined.

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