Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wait, What? Government isn't Supposed to Create Jobs

This is classic.

Michelle Bachmann visited a small business in Iowa called OMJC Signal Inc.  I will let you guess at what OMJC stands for.  Anyway, the owner, a very conservative Republican, runs a company that specializes in temporary signalling equipment most often used for road construction.  She cited the struggles of this company as an example of Obama's failed policies.  Um, OK.  They specialize in signalling equipment used in road construction. You know, like infrastructure, like, things government spends money on.  The same government that isn't supposed to create jobs.  This guy WANTS Obama's new jobs bill to pass.  It increases investment in infrastructure, for companies like OMJC to grow and hire people, and yet, it is her party that is standing tall and proud in the way of companies like OMJC to grow.

By the way, OMJC stands for Our Majesty Jesus Christ. 

Another prime example.  There is a bridge that connects Cincinnati with Covington, Kentucky. The bridge has been declared deficient and obsolete.  The bridge connects the state of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to the state of House Speaker John Boehner.  Both are rather infamous in their lack of interest in infrastructure spending, because, you know, government doesn't create jobs.  Only the private sector can create jobs.

It is so incredibly simple to point out the complete idiocy of the Republican position on these policies as to not even be funny anymore.  There are only two explanations. One, the Republicans have their heads so far up their ass, they can only see their own radical ideology.  Two, they intentionally are trying to sabotage the economy in the hopes of electing their candidate.  Personally, my money is on both.

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