Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fantasy Football Update - Week 13

I managed to pull out a comfortable win to finish the regular season on an up note.  I manged to qualify for the fourth seen in the playoffs (out of six).  We shall see if my luck holds.  I held a solid lead going into the epic Patriots-Jets Monday night game.  I had two players going, Edwards for the Jets, and the NE tight end.  My opponent had Sanchez, someone who I can't recall, and the Patriots D.  There is something comforting about playing an opponent that has the QB going against the Defense.  It is really not a recipe for success.  In this case, the Patriots D did well allowing on 3 points and handful of sacks and turnovers to get 14 points, but it cost Sanchez big time as he only ended up with 4 fantasy points.

My opponent in Round 1 of the playoffs is the same one that started my 5-game losing skid in the regular season.  Time to exact a little revenge.  Yes, you Princess/Cheesehead!

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