Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Being God is a good gig if you can get it

More of the Reasons I Am an Atheist.

Example 1.  Recent story out of Mississippi.
Police say the father of two missing Alabama children will be charged with murder.
Mobile Police spokesman Chris Levy said Wednesday that the discovery of remains believed to be the man's 3-year-old son gives authorities enough evidence to file two murder charges against John DeBlase, 27.

A boy's bones were found in rural Mississippi earlier in the day after DeBlase told police where to look.

Levy said witnesses told authorities both suspects beat the kids on numerous occasions.

"We have some incidents where people observed them striking the children with objects," Levy said. "The children had some injuries that warranted medical attention which they never properly received."
 I don't see any precious sky fairy doing anything to protect innocent children from these monsters.

Example 2.  A story on the complete and utter failure of prayer.
When Kent got sick in January 2009, his parents, Herbert, 42, and Catherine, 41, followed the teachings of their fundamentalist church and prayed fervently.
For 10 days the couple remained in their Northeast Philadelphia home praying over their 2-year-old son's 32-pound body, believing his symptoms, including a sore throat, chest congestion, diarrhea, and trouble swallowing and sleeping were signs of a bad cold or flu.
When the boy died of bacterial pneumonia on Jan. 24, 2009, Philadelphia Assistant Medical Examiner Edwin Lieberman ruled the death a homicide, noting that it could have been prevented with basic medical care.
I can't even begin to speak to how utterly disgusting and vile this is.  An innocent child is dead because their parents believed in something that isn't.  They are criminals and child abusers for letting this child suffer.  They should also throw the head of their church in prison.  Here is his response.
Of Kent's death after his parents' prayers, Clark said: "The result was not what they wanted because our faith is imperfect at times. But God is perfect."
Let me translate that for you.  Your child died because you didn't pray enough.  Disgusting.

Being a fictional deity is a good gig.  All of the credit and none of the blame.


  1. Human beings were given a brain capable of reasoning and free will. Even God cannot overcome the flawed logic so prevalent with the examples you provide above.

    For many, a belief in God or a higher power helps that person lead a good life. The teachings of the bible help people make good, loving choices so they can be a good member of the commmunity in which they live.

    Going to church on Sunday, on those Sundays I actually make it to church, provides a peace found nowhere else in life. Do I believe everything the clergy tells me? No. But I believe in God and a spiritual life and I appreciate the peace I find in church.

    A belief system of any kind helps people not judge other people for the choices they make. The laws and ethical boundaries of society help manage people who make poor or evil choices.

  2. I don't need the fear of hell or the promise of heaven to lead a good life and be a moral person. The teachings of the Bible in this case did not lead to a good choice or a loving choice. It lead to a dead child. A senseless and totally unnecessary dead child. I have peace of mind knowing that I am not chasing a lie.