Friday, September 20, 2013

The GOP Drug

Facebook always creates some interesting dynamics.  I have one comment thread on one friend's status about food stamps that as arced into comments on foreign debt and even Benghazi!. I have another friend that is commenting on what drugs the GOP are on, presumably as a result of their recent House votes to defund Obamacare and take money from the food stamps program (SNAP).

I won't even mention the new Koch brother funded ads about Obamacare.  They are sick.

I did some quick research and found that foreign aid makes up about 1.5% of our total budget of $3.67 trillion.  Whereas the SNAP program makes up about 2% of that budget.  Also, SNAP is one of the most efficiently run programs with only 3.8% error rate in under/overpayments and the return on investment from $1 in food stamps is very high when you consider how much it returns to the economy.  The number that I have seen is $1.73.

Republicans are on a drug called religion and conservative fanaticism. If fictional Jesus were alive today, he'd be on food stamps and wondering what will happen to him if he needed medical care. He would be unemployed because the suits at the Koch brothers would never give a long haired dark skinned hippie a job.

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