Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thoughts on Recent News Events

It is a sad state of mental being when I am not really shocked by the events that took place at the Navy Ship Yard in Washington D.C.  The pro gun lobby will defend their position.  The pro gun control lobby will defend their position.  The mental health advocates will defend their position.  The religious bigots will defend their position.  And nothing will change.

The time-lapse video of the raising of the Costa Concordia was very interesting.  A pretty remarkable feat of engineering.  Reading stories about all the food stores that are sealed in refrigerators and freezers, etc., does not sound pretty.  I'm glad I won't be within 100 miles of that thing when they get ready to scrap it.  The biohazard is going to be nasty.

The Jersey Shore boardwalk fire was a crazy thing to watch.  30 mph winds swept through the whole place.  I guess they are now suspecting the damage from Sandy may have been the trigger for this fire.  Undoubtedly they will rebuild, and even though it may not have the old feel charm, I'm sure the new buildings will be quite extraordinary and a whole lot safer.  Not only from fire, but from future hurricanes and storm surge.  In the long run, it could be quite a boon for that area.

I haven't seen much of the Colorado flooding with everything else going on.  Crazy stuff happening there with hundreds of people still unaccounted for.  Coloradans that live in those locations are a hardy bunch.  I suspect that most of those missing will be found in survivor mode.  I wonder if the secession chatter coming from the north eastern counties will continue during the "emergency."  I'm sure any silence is only temporary.

The NFL completed its second week and I find myself pretty much in "meh" mode.  It is always more interesting once 4 or 5 games are in because we will then know more about who the pretenders are.

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