Friday, July 22, 2011

I've Run Out of Names

I don't know what to call the Republican Party anymore.  Crazy.  Idiotic.  Batshit insane.  I just can't fathom the fact that about 85 or so freshman legislators in the House of Representatives are holding not only the US economy hostage, but perhaps the World economy as well.  Not to mention the rock solid foundation that has always been the United States Treasury.  For what reason?  None.  Really.  There is absolutely no reason to carry this gambit any further.  I really hope it is a bluff, but these ideologues are dangerous, and may very well succeed in what the 9/11 terrorist attacks couldn't.  Completely destabilize the country and bring about economic chaos.

If anything, in a time of high unemployment and a sputtering economy, more spending is what is needed, strategic tax breaks are needed, and I'm not talking about lowering income rates, I'm talking about payroll tax holidays.  Short term things to put money into peoples pockets so they can spend.  Instead, the Republicans want to take money out of the economy and cause a default and economic crisis.  All for money that they already appropriated.  It is absolutely crazy, and anybody who agrees with it is mis-informed. 

Boner, yes, I'm going there, because his stewardship of the House of Representatives can be called nothing less.  Boner walked out on the debt negotiations, and an angry President Obama held a press conference not 30 minutes later and threw not only Boner's ass under the bus, but the entire Republican majority of the House of Representatives.  Finally!  You could tell Obama was hot and he was kicking ass.  Unfortunately, the Republican caucus has been completely blind to the polls where a strong majority of the country is placing the blame squarely on them.  Wall Street and business leaders, usually parked in the middle of the Republican camp, went to the House to talk to these people.  Wealthy Republicans have said they are willing to pay a bit more.  But these yahoos are determined to steer us to economic chaos.

Even channeling Ronald Reagan and the threat of default has done little to sway these idiot's minds.  Boner has lost his job.  He is in a lose-lose situation.  He may as well go out in a blaze of glory and do the right thing.  Twist the arm of his caucus until they break to raise the debt ceiling in a clean bill.  No strings attached.  I don't have high hopes.

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