Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cancer Awareness Facebook Memes

9 inches :(
7 inches :(
6.5 inches :(

Come on.  Any girl would be happy with that!  Right!  Or,

I like it on table.
I like it on the kitchen counter.

Kinky girls.  Kinky.

What is all this nonsense?  Well, it is a Facebook meme for raising cancer awareness amongst the women while leaving the men confused and befuddled.

Question 1.  How long is your foot in inches?
Question 2.  Where do you like to put your purse?

Both of these started circulating on FB sometime in October of last year.

A similar meme was what color is your bra?

I'm certainly a big fan of cancer awareness, but it seems rather silly to me to raise cancer awareness while simultaneously keeping men in the dark.  Wouldn't us guys...Shouldn't us guys also be aware?

While it certainly may generate some fun and a few snickers here and there, I really don't understand the point of leaving the men in the dark on such an issue.


  1. Its feelgood-ism at its most useless. Dont donate, or volunteer, or educate yourself about prevention. No, update your facebook status and feel like you made a difference. I especially like the ones that make up some (suitably low to make it seem special) percentage of people who will participate, then try to shame, guilt, or peer-pressure me into joining that group. Its like third grade all over again.

  2. It's not about the participation. I'm sure many of the women that do the update participate, donate, whatever in some way. It's more about keeping the men in the dark about it. Hey, we've got time and money to donate too? Also, many of us friends or relatives who are either battling cancer or are survivors themselves. It's not like we don't care.

    As far as the "97% wont post this" bullshit. I have an old post on that buried somewhere in the archives. Yeesh, I hate those updates as well.

  3. Maybe the keeping in the dark thing is about - to use an indelicate term - attention-whoring?

    In what seems to be a uniquely female FB trait (not that all women do this, but everyone that does it seems to be female), I see lots of intentionally vague FB posts like "Feeling sad..." or "He is in trouble now!" or "Can't shake this feeling." designed, it seems, to get OTHER women to ask what is going on. And then they get to be the center of attention for a little while. Drives. Me. Nuts.

    Of course, reptile-brained males rarely pick up on such hints, so it seems a poor strategy indeed if the intent is to "raise awareness." Here's a man-hint. Just tell us. We'll try to help. Really. It's what we do.