Monday, October 4, 2010

Why Republicans Scare the Crap Out of Me - Part II

The questionnaire and its results that I will link are not intuitive (not that I would expect them to be since comprehension is not something Republicans want the rank and file to have.)  A group called RNC for Life sent out a questionnaire to Republican Congressional candidates to ask their opinions on various pro-life issues.  The first response in the questionnaire indicates whether the candidate is Pro-life without discrimination.  This means, quite simply, that a woman must proceed with the pregnancy, even if the pregnancy was the result of a rape, incest, or threatens her life.  No Exceptions!  78 candidates indicated that they are pro-life without discrimination.  Sorry ladies.  It must be your fault that you tempted that rapist, couldn't resist an incestuous family member.  Oh, and if you die, then I'm sure that is your fault as well.  Check out the list.  I hope your candidate does not have a star next to their name.  Bastards.


  1. Scary link. I would have titled the list "Assholes," but that's just me.

    Crime Dog

  2. No surprise about Trent Frank's results.

  3. This is a Phyllis Schlafly organization. That should speak for itself.