Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Secular Coalition for Arizona Kick-off Event

On Tuesday night I attended the kick-off meeting of the first state chapter of the Secular Coalition for America.  This was a first for me as I generally shy away from political events and crowds for that matter.  There were probably 100 people in attendance and we did a good job filling up the auditorium at the Scottsdale Library.  The guest speakers were Kyrsten Sinema, a State Representative for District 15 in Central Phoenix and currently running for State Senator of that district, and Sean Faircloth, Executive Director of SCAmerica.  I was actually quite surprised by the age differences in the crowd.  Honestly, I did not expect to see as many older people.  Talking to one older gentleman, he seemed quite happy to see so many young people.  I learned a lot from the two speakers and I will have some follow posts on a few of the things I heard once I can find some sources to link to. 

As for the Secular Coalition for America, their Advisory Board has a few names you may have heard of.  Richard Dawkins, Dan Dennett, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Salman Rushdie, and Julia Sweeney to name a few.

Check them out a  And, check out the Arizona Chapter online as well.

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