Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Arkansas Atheist Ad Campaign

An atheist bus ad campaign rolled out in Arkansas today.  The background story is of interest here because the ad, which says, "Are you good without God?  Millions are" was considered too controversial by the bus company and demanded a $36,000 security deposit to protect the bus company against vandalism. 

So, let's think about that for a second, the bus company was worried that people would be so enraged by that little sentence up there, that they wanted a special consideration made to run the ads (after a court ruled they had to because it was discriminatory not to).  The court ruled that $15,000 was fair (it isn't) and the Central Arkansas Coalition of Reason paid.

So, let's think about this, part two.  Who do you think the bus company was worried about vandalizing the ads?  Who else?  Christians.  What does it say about Christians that the bus company would be worried about them vandalizing their buses?  Hmm.

Would the bus company have been concerned about vandalism had the ad been a Christian message?  Probably not.  What does that say about the non-theists?  Hmm.

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