Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Amanda Knox Tragedy

I have read only bits of pieces of the Amanda Knox story.  Certainly, there is something to be said of a trial by the press.  But the real tragedy is that a young woman was murdered four years ago and her killer is free, whether it was Knox, or her boyfriend, or somebody else out there.  Even if Italian prosecutors can successfully appeal an acquittal (that sounds so weird), I doubt the US would extradite at this point.  It would make for some interesting international relations.  But, at this point, even if the Italian police were to reopen the investigation without Knox and/or her boyfriend as suspects, it sounds like all the evidence is so tainted at this point that it may not be worth bothering.  The same thing can be said about the Casey Anthony trial, or the Troy Davis trial, or the Memphis 3.  When prosecutors are so focused on getting somebody, anybody, found guilty of a high profile crime, then there become two tragedies, the trials of the innocent and what they must endure, and the trials of a grieving family who must watch their killed loved one as nothing more than a footnote to a circus.

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