Thursday, June 23, 2011

Changes are Coming

I see that the frequency of posts has diminished quite a bit over the last several months.  Not that my interest in may of these topics have waned.  They have not.  In fact, some of them have become even more meaningful and interesting to me.  It's just that there has been a lot going on and motivation for doing a lot of things has just not been there.  Well, that is going to change.  Starting July 4th that is.  I have some family commitments I need to keep that are not conducive to this sort of change, so I have to wait, but it gives me time to plan it out.

Several months ago, I started quite a few home projects.  Many of those are still undone. I've gotten the chance to work on some of them this week, but they need my constant attention.  I will do something on these projects every day.  I don't care if its a single nail hammered in or a single screw screwed in, or moving a shovel full of dirt.  Something will be done every day.

I've taken the summer off from my guitar lessons so that I can really focus on learning about 9 or 10 songs completely and thoroughly.  I've promised myself to practice anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour each night so that by the end of August, I can bust out any one of these 10 songs and play them without having to look at them (and when I say bust one out and play it, that's it.  No singing.)

I need to blog.  I need to sit down and write at least one post everyday on some topic from that day.  Over the last several months, I've had things to write about, but I put it off, then a day or two later, one of the bloggers that I follow does a post on that same thing and usually nails it far better than I could.

Lastly, I need to get fit.  Ever since I turned 40, I've told myself that the time is now.  It only gets harder as you get older.  Notice I didn't say lose weight or diet.  It's just about getting fit.  Good exercise, good nutrition.  It also helps that I had a blood test and the cholesterol numbers that came back were not good.  Not horribly bad, mind you, but not good.  I still have a chance to do something about it without meds.  The weight loss will happen, although I'm hoping not so much to lose weight but to replace the low density fat with some high density muscle.  Let's just say the beer gut has to go.  Which means, unfortunately, that the beer has to go.  At least initially.  And no, that doesn't mean I'm going to start drinking that "Lite" crap either.  Mine as well go without.

So, here, in a nutshell, are my mid-year's resolutions:
  1. Do something on the house projects every day.
  2. Practice my guitar.
  3. Blog.
  4. Get fit.
 Let's get started!  (in a week or so.)

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