Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We've Got a Billboard!

American Atheists, Inc., has put a billboard up near the Lincoln Tunnel in New York City.

Naturally, it has generated a lot of press.

Here is an email sent to the American Atheists:

"Why don't you discredit the Muslim faith on billboards during ramadan? You bunch of pussies. You target the most loving group of people on earth. Go after the ones who keep plotting to harm and kill America and the world everyday. The reason why your stupid ass organization won't do that because they would find you all and you would find your fate with them. You pussy!!!" -- Del Araya
Yes, us atheists have so much to learn from those loving Christian folk about love and tolerance. 

Then there was this comment from another blogger, Jezebel:
is it necessary to attack people’s beliefs in the process? Why not just focus on celebrating your own beliefs rather than pissing people off by putting theirs down? Ridiculing a belief system that, for many people, is the basis for their entire life philosophy is not a way to win friends or influence people; it’s a way to act like a stereotype.
I'm not sure how telling the truth is considered attacking.  If  you wish to spend your entire life truly believing in this myth, then I don't think a single billboard is going to stop you from doing that.  If it makes you question your faith, then I would argue that your faith was far to fragile to begin with.

Here is a response from PZ Myers:
I agree that letting people go about their lives in peace is the decent thing to do. So, tell me, what about that sign interferes with common decency?

Are people who see that sign subsequently unable to go to church? Does it silence preachers all across the land?


Does that sign incite hatred, does it deprive people of their civil rights, does it oppress a minority?


Does it misrepresent atheism, does it unjustly criticize religious people for ideas they do not hold (which, by the way, would be wrong, but doesn't interfere with people's lives)?


Might it stir a little resentment, maybe even sting Christians a little bit because it reminds them that atheists exist and freakin' disagree with them?

YES! And that is a good thing that does them no harm, and even does them considerable good. We're here, we're just as much a part of this society as they are, and we're not going to sit silently any more.
Here is another email to American Atheists:

Why don't you all move to another country and stop trying to detroy the US. Read your history this country was founded on Christian principals. Atheists are like homosexuals ~You chose an uceceptable lifestyle and choose to follow a lost path expecting normal citizens to make special rules for y...ou. HOW VERY SAD YOU ALL ARE!" - charm neumann

Rants like this would be so much more effective if you could actually use the English language, or even a spellchecker.  It's also nice that they throw in homosexuals as well.

I think most Christians understand that Jesus (if he really existed) was not born on December 25th.  I think most Christians understand that much of this holiday is begged, borrowed, and stolen from other lesser faiths, paganism, and even the celebration of the winter solstice.

Merry Mythmas!

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