Thursday, November 11, 2010

One More Reason to Thank Our Veterans


From Pharyngula... What's wrong with a little blasphemy every now and then?  Well, it will get you killed if it's about Islam.  Take note of this story about a women in Pakistan who has been sentenced to death.  Oh, and fined $1100 as well.  And this story about a Palestinian running an atheist blog.  He was caught and even is family is saying that a life sentence is appropriate while others are calling for him to be burned to death in public. 

I especially like PZ's comment along with a few of the commenters.
"You know, the gods are only harmless phantasms. It's their believers who are parasites and killers and dangerous lunatics."
A friend of mine once said "If God has a problem with what I say, he can come down here and tell me it himself."
 I like that last one.  Show me what you got you all powerful god!
If the gods want these people dead, surely they can get off their asses and do it themselves.
So, thank you to all the veterans out there on the Veteran's Day that protect my freedom of religion and freedom from religion.

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